Online Learning Resources for the Radiologist


Continuing from the previous blog on What to read for radiology residency, we will now discuss various online learning resources for the radiologist.

Radiology is a vast branch and is evolving continuously. To be relevant, radiologists need to constantly update themselves with the recent advances in the field and there is no better place than the internet for that. In a recent study, it was found that almost all radiologists use the Internet for education, and in fact, as much as 42% of all radiologists refer to the internet EVERYDAY!

There are tons of radiology resources available online and these are increasing by the day. Generic search engines like Google and Bing often do not provide curated results that radiologists are looking for. Also, there is the problem of plenty! A google search will throw up a zillion results and all of them may not yield the right information a user is looking for and that can cause hindrance in a radiologist’s productivity. Hence, it is important that radiologists are aware of the right kind of online resources to aid learning and their practice as well. For eg. If a radiologist wishes to refer to anatomy of the neck, a google search will not be the best option. Instead he can refer to an excellent imaging anatomy teaching website which provides fantastic anatomy modules for different systems. This not only saves time but also helps get more precise information.

This post attempts to list a few trusted online radiology resources for radiologists. Most of these are well known websites but there will definitely be a couple of new ones that you might find interesting. This list is an exhaustive list and I am sure there will be some that we have missed out. You can always mention those in the comments and we shall update them here! Few of these require flash to be installed, especially the anatomy modules and most of these are best viewed on desktop computers rather than mobile devices.

Imaging Anatomy:

 Radiology Specific Search engines:

Teaching files/Case based websites:


Indian websites (spotters for radiology practicals)

Radiology Apps

  • Radiology Assistant
  • CTisUS
  • mskradiology4u
  • Radiology Rounds
  • Radiology CT Anatomy
  • Radiology Tutor: Handy app for various calculators like adrenal washout.
  • UBC Radiology
  • e-Anatomy

Readers can directly download these in the respective App Stores.

Social websites:

Readers can subscribe to these to get regular updates.

The list can go on and on. However, I would like to suggest that one should stick to books to start off, and then take help on online resources once you have read the basics from them. Journal articles (especially Radiographics, Radiology Clinics, and AJR articles) are also great learning resources. The web is aptly called so as you might get entangled in it and end up wasting time “website-surfing”. Here are a couple of posts for recommended books:

All the best and happy surfing!

– Amar Udare, Abdominal Imaging Fellow, University of Ottawa, blogs at


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