Introduction to Statistics

Dr Argha Chatterjee from Tata Medical Center recently took an excellent series of sessions on basic biostatistics for the Cafe Roentgen REF webinar series (you can view the webinars here).

Imagine you seeing a liver lesion with peripheral washout sign. If the referring physician asks you whether the lesion is an adenocarcinoma or HCC, should your answer be based on the specificity of peripheral washout sign or positive predictive value (PPV)? Argha discussed these basics of sensitivity, specificity, PPV and NPV which every doctor needs to know in session I. He subsequently discussed the concept of Likelihood ratio and Odds in session II. He has graciously shared the relevant slides for everyone to access. The focus of the talks was on understanding basics and being able to interpret scientific literature rather than on conducting statistical tests oneself. We hope this helps everyone!

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