Hepatobiliary Phase Hypointense Cirrhotic Nodules without Arterial Hypervascularity: What to do?

HCC shows nodular enhancement in arterial phase, washout in portal venous phase and hypointensity in hepatobiliary phase as malignant cells of HCC cannot retain hepatobiliary contrast agents. But what about the nodules that are hypointense in hepatobiliary phase but show no arterial phase hyperenhancement? How many of them are HCCs? Is there a way we can identify progressed HCC among such nodules?

Dr Argha Chatterjee, Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, discusses in detail an exciting Radiology paper which throws light on this issue in the Cafe Roentgen journal watch video.

PS : If the embedded video is not opening, you can view the video on YouTube by clicking here.
You can read the original article published in Radiology 2020 here.

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