How to find Radiology Jobs in Australia

Hello everyone,

This is Himanshu Pendse again. Thanks for reading my previous write-up on how to apply for working as a radiologist in Australia. I have realised that many of you have hurdles to find the appropriate website for job applications. So I have compiled a comprehensive list of the websites to help you out.


Jobs in big tertiary centres which are mostly all public hospitals are advertised on standard government job websites. Candidates aiming for training/fellowships should look up these sites.

The private hospitals are usually smaller and not the main referral centres. Many private stand-alone radiology centres are there in almost all towns. These jobs are usually seen on private websites or the RANZCR job website. These are helpful for people who have completed the RANZCR exam or are trying in the AON pathway.

Note that the government jobs are sometimes advertised on the private websites but applications are through the government portal.


Each website is for a particular state. These websites have government jobs for all sectors. In the search icon, there is a drop-box to select the sector where healthcare needs to be selected.

Usually the nursing, radiographers, general and specialist jobs will come together. So, it is important to go through all pages carefully. Putting registrar in the filter option will help.

South Australia:

Western Australia:

Northern Territory:



Western Melbourne- Sunshine and Footscray hospitals:

New South Wales:


There may be few other websites which I may have missed. In case you guys come across something, please let me know.


The RANZCR college keep advertising jobs on


These websites have private jobs e.g. in a private practice. These are helpful for people who have completed the RANZCR exam or are trying in the AON pathway.

And many more!!!

Cheers, and all the best!

– Himanshu Pendse, Wagga Wagga Base Hospital


PS: You can check other blogs of the Cafe on training abroad in our section ‘Beyond the Shores’







13 thoughts on “How to find Radiology Jobs in Australia

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    1. Sneha

      Hi Dr. Himanshu,
      I have finished my MD and DNB in 2017. For the last 3 years I’ve been working as a consultant in radiology. I’ve applied for various Area of need positions but have been rejected on the basis that my formal training in general radiology is not for 5 years as needed by RANZCR. Does this mean radiologists from India cannot apply?
      I’ve also applied for multiple fellowships but again faced rejection on the basis that these positions are quite competitive.
      I am really desperate to make the move to Australia as my spouse has already been offered a Fellow position in Pediatrics but I’m constantly hitting roadblocks.
      Could you please guide me?


    1. Kanu

      Hello went through the blog…I m planning to join MHM course at a university in Queensland though I am a family physician consultant here in India…my husband is a DNB radiologist..currently consultant…does he have any prospects of getting a job in Australia as a radiologist or it’s a tough call? We are really in need for some answers


  2. Hi Dr Himanshu…

    I have completed 5 years MD Radiology course and completed fellowship in oncoradiology and oncointervention.
    Which pathway should i follow?
    Doing fellowship again or area of need or specialist pathway?
    Can you guide me?


  3. pjulaluck

    Hi Dr.Himanshu,

    I am abdominal imaging at Khon Kaen Hospital University Hospital and am now interested to be a research fellowship in Australia. However, I haven’t found any information from google. Could you please help me?
    Thank you


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