Radiology Fellowships in India: ‘Learn in India!’

We started the section ‘Beyond the shores‘ a couple of years ago, to elaborate on the much coveted subspecialty training options available abroad, including US, UK, Canada, and Singapore, and how to successfully apply for them. We also covered various exams like FRCR 1, 2A and 2B, and EDIR, which are needed for some of these applications. Last week, we wrote a perspective blog to help residents decide on these options. From the feedback we keep getting, this section has proven to be really helpful to many radiologists. We will of course continue to expand the section. Do feel free to volunteer to write for it if you have something to share!

In the last decade or so, a multitude of subspecialty training programs have also blossomed in India, with varying degrees of quality and intensity of training. Overall, going abroad is now no longer the only option for a radiology trainee in India who wants to subspecialize. We thought this to be the perfect time to begin a new section which focuses on subspecialty training in India, and lays down all the various options available to the Indian residents. This section will elaborate on various fellowships and subspecialty training programs in India and try to give you a basic understanding of what to expect if you join the program. We ll try to get ex-fellows who have trained in the fellowship to give you a true account of their experience and discuss the pros and cons of the fellowship. We hope that the section becomes a reference point for all residents to firstly know the multitude of options available across India, and helps them make an informed choice.

If any of you believe you can contribute to this section (even anonymous blogs are welcome), please do email us at or drop a comment below, and we will get in touch with you.

Watch out this space for more soon!

– The Cafe Roentgen Team