How to Prepare the Radiology Dept or Center for the Post Lockdown Stage?

Preparedness is the key for reopening our radiology departments or imaging centers after the lockdown is over. We need to be prepared for things to do during lockdown, things to do in the post-lockdown high volumes which are expected, and things to do if India faces a New York or Italy like surge of patients. Understand things which need to be planned out in the next 2 weeks so that you can get back to working as safely as possible for yourself and for the patient in our next Cafe Roentgen Journal Watch video.

– Akshay Baheti, Tata Memorial Hospital


PS : If the embedded video is not opening, you can view the video on YouTube by clicking here.

Disclaimer: The suggestions on this webinar are based on guidelines and common sense, but obviously need individualization based on the practice setting.

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