We are a radiology education forum based in Mumbai, focusing on providing free high quality radiology training to the radiology residents. We do this by conducting the famous weekly Wednesday Webinar on Zoom for trainees to attend, in partnership with the Radiology Education Foundation. We also organize more focused and interactive sessions and workshops, usually incorporating both didactic talks followed case reading and discussions. Every meeting is informative, evidence and experience based, and of course free!

Our blog was initially started to reinforce the knowledge and continue to engage the reader, and we listed important teaching points from the talks in the ‘In a nutshell: Lecture notes’ section. However, we have now focused more on several aspects of radiology not discussed in the regular academic schedule in teaching programs, to fulfil the unmet needs of the trainees. For example, our popular ‘Beyond the shores‘ section discusses options for higher studies abroad and how to go about applying successfully. ‘The Art and Science of Radiology Reporting‘ focuses on how to write the perfect radiology report, the ‘Journal watch‘ has short videos discussing important or interesting radiology articles, ‘Incidentaloma management‘ gives the up-to-date guidelines on management recommendations for various incidentalomas, acting as a ready reference during routine reporting.

Hope you find the blog useful!

– The Cafe Roentgen Team