Ultrasound (USG) Fellowship, Chikitsa Ultrasound Training Centre, Mumbai

I will first give an overview of the two lines of teaching that Chikitsa Ultrasound Training Centre, Chembur, Mumbai is known for:

a. Fellowship in OBGY and non-OBGY Ultrasound and

b. Various Ultrasound Courses

The FELLOWSHIP in OBGY and non-OBGY Ultrasound is typically of 6 months duration. However, it may be extended to 12 months if the candidate so desires.

How many Fellowship positions are there?

Usually they have about 4 – 8 Fellows at any time.

Who should apply?

The Fellowship would benefit any Radiologist interested in obtaining a more in-depth knowledge in the field of Ultrasound. MD, DNB, diploma and CPS candidates can all apply.

What topics does the Fellowship in OBGY and non-OBGY Ultrasound cover?

OBGY ultrasound is covered in depth. Topics covered include fetal neurosonography, fetal echocardiography, anomaly scan, 1st trimester screening including nuchal translucency, nasal bone, ductus venosus, obstetric Doppler, and advanced gynecological ultrasound.

Non-OBGY ultrasound topics included are Peripheral Doppler, renal Doppler, hepatoportal Doppler, ultrasound of small parts (breast, thyroid, scrotum-testis), bowel and appendix.

Does the candidate get hands-on experience?

During the Fellowship, the candidate is put through extensive hands-on experience. Senior supervision of hands-on ultrasound scan is available.

There is specialized work done at this Centre in topics like endometriosis mapping, Mullerian anomalies, and fetal neurosonography, is done in very few other centers in the country.

What are the working hours during the Fellowship?

Typically 9 am to 6 pm. There are no night duties.

Is stipend paid during the Fellowship?

Typically Rs 40,000/- per month is paid to the Fellows during the Fellowship as a stipend.

Here’s something about the SHORT COURSES :

These range from 1 day to 2 months and can be customized for the needs of the candidate. There is a very large range of topics included in the short courses : NT scan including NB, DV etc, Anomalies scan, Fetal anomalies, Fetal echocardiography, Fetal neurosonogram, Infertility ultrasound including endometrial assessment, Peripheral Doppler, Small parts, Musculoskeletal ultrasound, Hemodialysis ultrasound ( pre and post fistula) etc.

How do we come to know the dates and durations of the courses?

The dates of the various courses for 1 year are available online on their website – www.ultrasoundchikitsa.com

Though the duration of the various courses are indicated on the website, the candidate may opt to increase the duration of the course or the number of days of hands-on work. The courses are therefore customizable to the needs of the candidate.

My experience at Chikitsa: Chikitsa is a really good ultrasound center. If someone wants to master ultrasound, this is the right place to learn.

I did a six months fellowship in Fetal medicine and advanced ultrasound, and have gained a lot of confidence which I didn’t have earlier even after doing DMRD and DNB.  

The faculty is extremely knowledgeable and excellent in their work. They are extremely calm, approachable, and always eager to teach, including taking dedicated lectures. Besides regular ultrasound, MSK ultrasound is also taught extremely well. The staff at Chikitsa is also well trained and good. I enjoyed learning and diving deep in this field.

Overall my experience was very good.

– Dr Rajvi Matalia Parekh, MBBS, DMRD, DNB

Clinical Associate, Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai


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